As a primary care doctor with over twenty-five years of experience

Kara Nance has devoted her life to helping people navigate the human experience. 

In addition to her ability to diagnose and treat conditions manifesting in the body,

Kara uses her multifaceted Upstreaming approach to diagnose your “condition” in the heart, mind and soul.

If you’re facing a problem in your professional, interpersonal, or intrapersonal life, Kara will leverage her studies of the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, and the Instinctual Drives to help you identify the crux of your issue. From there, she can offer Resonant Healing, Conflict Coaching, and other mindfulness-based approaches to help you transform your life experience.

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Kara offers two FREE online classes each week!

Monday 6:30pm - 7:30pm CST - How To Change A Habit

Join our Mindfulness Based Habit Change community to learn skills for creating the life experience you want. Participants are encouraged to download the Unwinding Anxiety, Eat Right Now, or Craving To Quit apps to get the most benefit from the class.

Wednesday 2:00pm - 3:00pm CST - Conscious Communication and Resonant Language

Come learn key concepts from Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and Sarah Peyton's Resonant Healing teachings. These skills help you to have better relationships with yourself and others.


Meet Kara Nance

Kara Nance specializes in Upstreaming and uses her expertise to uncover and treat unhealthy relational and psychosocial dynamics that lead to suffering for individuals and organizations. A physician with 25 years of clinical experience, Kara also is trained to guide psycho-spiritual healing and transcendence. Kara studied at Princeton, Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, and UMass Center for Mindfulness and is double board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine.

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Ways to Work with Kara

The Enneagram, the Instinctual Drives, and the Myers Briggs typology systems are a powerful way to discover the origins of our habits and find prescriptions for change. We all have blind spots, and maps often reveal aspects of the unconscious we are unaware of. We do not use typing to put you into a box but to discover the box you unknowingly jammed yourself into.

My approach is about accessing and integrating ALL the energies within you, knowing that unity and oneness are available to everyone.



Is there a place in your life where one of your relationships with colleagues or loved ones feels stuck? Would you love to feel heard and understood by this person?

Kara is trained see the underlying needs of both sides and to reframe them in ways that the other side can hear more easily. She uses empathy and resonance with both sides during a mediation to regulate all nervous systems. She enables people to move beyond a fear-based scarcity mindset into a more open-hearted space where creative solutions can emerge.


Kara guides clients through remembering traumatic moments when fear, grief, rage, or disgust was not accompanied and offers time travel with visual imagery to discover what those younger parts need. Often we discover unconscious contracts that were made for life-saving reasons in those moments but no longer serve us now. 

Kara guides you towards discovering these powerful belief systems and invites you to explore a new “blessing” that you can experiment with and practice. The mind, heart, and body are incredibly resilient.


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