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A proper diagnosis always begins with an assessment. Consider getting profiled so we can understand the machinery running your program. Online tests often mistype you, so working with a trained profiler like Kara is essential. We all have blind spots, and maps often reveal aspects of the unconscious we are unaware of. We do not use typing to put you into a box but to discover the box you unknowingly jammed yourself into.

Kara is trained to see the moves each side is unconsciously making. This allows her to  offer empathy, resonance, and other mindfulness-based strategies to regulate the nervous systems on each side. She also supports people to move beyond their fear-based scarcity mindset and into a more open-hearted space where healing, creativity and transformation can occur. 

Kara guides clients through remembering traumatic moments when fear, grief, rage, or disgust was not accompanied and offers time travel with visual imagery to discover what those younger parts need. Often we discover unconscious contracts that were made for life-saving reasons in those moments but no longer serve us now. 

Kara guides you towards discovering these powerful belief systems and invites you to explore a new “blessing” that you can experiment with and practice. The mind, heart, and body are incredibly resilient.

Kara has been studying the science of habit since she was a nineteen-year-old undergraduate at Princeton. She became a published author in Nature Genetics when she researched alcohol preference in mice. Her fascination with habits led her to become a board-certified obesity medicine doctor and a collaborator for the Eat Right Now digital therapeutic offered by Sharecare. 

As a trained facilitator for the Craving To Quit, Eat Right Now, and Unwinding Anxiety applications, Kara uses her extensive knowledge of neuroscience and the science of habit to help you reprogram how you show up in the world. 

The SEXUALITY (sometimes named EMERGENCE) circuit is the neurophysiological pathway to our individuation, our uniqueness, and enables us to become who we are born to be.

Sexuality is a vital part of being human, yet it is a domain many are afraid to discuss. After twenty-five years of doing pap smears, testicular, and rectal exams,  Kara has been a go-to place for people to talk about sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, and sexual insecurities.  Kara believes that it is our shame and inability to talk about our sexuality that has led to the neuroses of the sexually dominant individuals and the overwhelming preponderance of sexually blind individuals. 

Kara is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction facilitator. Kara started meditating over a decade ago and regularly participates in 5-9 day silent insight meditation retreats to deepen her practice.

Kara is trained to work with you to develop your meditation and mindfulness practices, including the body scan, sitting practices, loving-kindness meditation, compassion practice, forgiveness practice, and many others. She also can lead you through self-inquiry practices that can lead to transformational insights. Schedule a session to discover how training your attention can dramatically shift your life experience.

Rage and depression are different responses to dealing with life problems. When we hit frustration, we can either move directly into helplessness or we can take a side road into rage. If rage doesn’t change things we go back into helplessness, despair and then depression. Anger is a vital life energy that regulates our nervous system, permits us to be protective and to advocate for what is needed. Once we learn to take what we need from anger’s power and assurance, the rage circuit becomes a resource rather than a harmful liability. Kara has gathered a multitude of strategies for helping people reconnect with the essential strength the rage circuit is here to provide. Schedule a consultation if you would like support with depression or want to change your expression of anger.

It’s important to understand the difference between “personal growth” and “personal realization.” Most people start onto a spiritual path so that they can feel better in some way or have a better personality. While becoming more psychologically healthy can improve our mental health and improve our relationships with others, the spiritual path is about freeing our souls from the shackles of the personality structure that has led us into the delusion of separateness and helps us to know and experience what we really are. Ego transcendence changes our whole attitude and perspective and alters the entire way we live our lives. Schedule an appointment with Kara to discover your “cosmic location” and start on a journey that can change your life.

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