"We must be present to win."

Kara approaches public speaking and workshops for brands and organizations with the philosophy that we must be present to win. Whether talking about changing ourselves or working with others, Kara focuses on Upstreaming techniques to transform your experience.  Book Kara for your next event by contacting [email protected].

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Meet Kara Nance, MD.

Kara Nance uncovers and treats relational and psychosocial dynamics that lead to suffering for individuals and organizations. She calls this process "Upstreaming."

A physician with 25 years of clinical experience, Kara also is trained to guide psycho-spiritual healing and transcendence. Kara is trained at Princeton, Penn, University of Chicago, and UMass Center for Mindfulness and is double board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine.

Kara is the Lead Expert in Cravings, Addictions, and the Science of Self Mastery for the Sharecare Digital Health Company and is certified Nonviolent Communication, Resonant Healing, the Enneagram and MBTI personality typing systems. 

Kara also produces a weekly podcast called The Blindspot, An Enneagram Podcast. She is a co-author in the Women Gone Wild edition on Intuition. Kara is a mother to four children and uses her “training” from parenting and divorce to help individuals and couples to navigate complex family dynamics. 

Keynote Speaking

Choose from a wide range of topics tailored to your audience:

The Enneagram - How It Can Help You To Understand Yourself, Your Colleagues, and Your Clients

Learning To Love Conflict and Have Better Fights – Using Disagreement As a Road to Intimacy and Understanding

Modern-Day Marriage – Navigating the Landmines Around Sex, Power, and Money

Resonant Healing - How To Accompany Ourselves and Our Others Through Intensity

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction - How Can Meditation Help Manage Burnout?

Myers-Briggs Typology - How Do The Cognitive Functions Help Me Find My Blindspots And Level Up My Life?

How To Change A Habit - Mindfulness-Based Strategies to Manage Anxiety, Nutrition, and Self Care

How Can I Manage The Dis-Ease In My Life - Discovering Your Unique Path Towards Healing, Achievement, and Transcendence

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Are you looking to dive deep into a theme with exercises, interactive tools, and coaching modalities? Kara loves traveling to your location with her custom-made offerings for you and your organization.

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Media Spokesperson

Are you looking for a voice that aligns with your values of empowerment, collaboration, and nonviolence? Kara can be that voice.

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Organizational Coaching

Invite Kara to your organization to coach leadership or teams on better understanding the unique relational dynamic and co-create ideas for navigating challenging situations.

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Group Learning

Kara loves to teach and believes that we learn as much from the sangha or community as we do from anyone. 

Conflict Coaching & Resonance – Join Kara on Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:30pm CST to learn key concepts from Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and Sarah Peyton's Resonant Healing for use in your own life. Each week teaches a core concept and then provides time for practice with situations brought forth from participants.

Mindfulness Based Habit Change – Download the Eat Right Now, Craving To Quit, or Unwinding Anxiety mobile app and then join Kara on Tuesday nights from 6-7pm CST to learn evidence based practices for shifting our habits.

Enneagram ExplorationsFill out this form to get information on Kara’s next Introduction to the Enneagram Series

Investigating the Instinctual Drives – Fill out this form to get information on Kara’s next seminar on identifying and working with the Instinctual Drives

Advanced Enneagram StudiesFill out this form to join Kara’s group for advanced Enneagram practitioners. Each week we discuss topics around the virtues, holy ideas, subtypes, and object relations. Ways of using the Enneagram for personal growth are explored.

How To Use the Myers-Briggs System for Personal GrowthFill out this form to get information on Kara’s next seminar on using the Myers-Briggs system to develop strategies that will help you transcend your experience and illuminate your shadow.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – Fill out this form to get information on Kara’s next 8 week session. Learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness through Jon Kabat Zin’s original curriculum developed at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness.

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