Who is Kara Nance, MD?


Kara Nance specializes in Upstreaming and uses her expertise to uncover and treat unhealthy relational and psychosocial dynamics that lead to suffering for individuals and organizations.

A physician with 25 years of clinical experience, Kara also is trained to guide psycho-spiritual healing and transcendence.

Kara studied at Princeton, University of Pennysylvania, University of Chicago, and UMass Center for Mindfulness and is double board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine.

What is Upstreaming?

Upstreaming is Kara’s technique for getting to the root of your problem. What Kara has learned during her 25 years as a practicing internist is that dis-ease in the heart, mind, and soul is often what leads to disease in the body. You are here because no pill or magic solution will eradicate your symptoms. 

When you work with Kara, she will invite you to become familiar with your tender spots because the suffering stops after we learn what pain is here to teach us. Kara invites you to visit the heart and mind spaces where you hide your fears and failures. We learn to dance with these places instead of resisting them.

An “exam” with Kara will likely reveal that you are incredibly unique and predictable. Kara’s medical training and 25 years experience has enabled her to be an excellent diagnostician of the body. In addition, her studies of the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs Typology, and the Instinctual Drives have led Kara to be an astute diagnostician of the head, heart, and soul. 

You or your organization may be experiencing “symptoms,” which Kara will go upstream to help you understand so that we can develop the most strategic approach. Kara offers Resonant Healing and other mindfulness-based modalities to help you shift your experience. She also has a vast network to refer you to for additional therapies and other healing practitioners.