Enneagram Point 8

Jul 26, 2023

The Enneagram Point 8 embodies our “boss” or “challenger” energy. It is the point that allows us to express our rage in an outward manner in order to effect change. People who lead from point 8 are not afraid of the big energy this point expresses. They approach everything they care about with a type of lustiness because to lose connection with this energy leads to hopelessness, despair, and can feel like being dead inside.

Point 8 energy is where we encounter essential strength. It is the energy needed to initiate a movement or path that takes us away from whatever comfortable “home” base we have been living from. We are all on a hero’s journey and we all have those moments where we need to summon the power to “leave home” knowing there will be monsters and dragons to “slay” along the way.

Point 8 energy is represented by the color RED. It is big, bold, and fiery. It is initiation energy. We would never start any challenging task without connection to our red energy.  It rises up with a “FUCK NO” or “HELL YES” kind of fervor. Every point goes through levels of development. At the lower levels this energy is sadistic and cruel and we may think of dictators like Stalin. At average levels this energy can show up as a type of reactive anger. Average 8’s tend to express their rage in a loud and intense way and can feel like bullies. They are cut off from the heart center so they aren’t really FEELING the impact of their actions and their sense of needing to DO something kicks in before they have time to think about it. Instead of ready, aim, fire, they approach life with a fire, aim, ready mentality which can sometimes have fall out which they are wired to deny any personal responsibility for.

At high levels of development the type 8 does connect with their heart center and anyone that know a type 8 intimately knows that they are some of the sweetest and most caring souls on the planet. Their anger and defensive energy comes from the need to protect their tender hearts and their work is to learn to embrace and hold tenderly their own vulnerability so that they can also be more sensitive with others. Being held in the protective care of point 8 energy is a profound experience that some of us are lucky enough to have encountered. When the point 8 has evolved away from “fake red”, the angry, reactive energy that emerges from a lack of essential strength, they have the power to move mountains and enact great change in our world.

We all have the point 8 energy inside of ourselves. What is your personal relationship to essential strength? When have you needed to call on this energy to initiate an important path in your life?


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