Enneagram Point 9

Aug 01, 2023

The Enneagram Point 9 is where we connect with our peacemaking or mediating energies. At point 9 we are peaceful, gentle, kind and patient. When a person is in the presence of a healthy nine there is a beautiful, nonjudgmental, grounded, and optimistic presence that radiates a very calm energy that you might find yourself wanting to melt into. When I’m connected to point 9 I’m able to relax and not let earthly concerns upset my nervous system too much. I’m able to open my heart to the heavens and know that everything is happening exactly the way it is meant to and I can just BE.

Point 9 is where we encounter the essence quality of harmony. Its post at the crown of the Enneagram enables the point 9 to look down and naturally see the perspective of each Enneagram point and find some element of that inside of themselves. Being able to easily connect with multiple perspectives and see the contributions of each position leads to genuine and loving understanding.

Point 9’s are sometimes called “the philosophers of the universe” because they have access to a deep well of creativity and an instinctual way of following the flow of an idea towards some greater truth. This ability to have intricate inner worlds is also what contributes to the point 9’s tendency to dissociate into their own inner world, which can lead to a challenge with engagement. In the average to unhealthy levels of development we refer to this state as being “asleep”.

The passion of point 9 is sloth, which does not mean that the point 9 is lazy, but rather has a tendency to be self-forgetting. The point 9 stuck in sloth is unable to summon the energy to do things that are important for themselves even though they may get busy doing something to create more ease for someone else in the hope that they won’t have to face another’s upset.

The fixated Point 9 structure tries to avoid conflict at all costs which can lead to a propensity towards going along to get along. Enneagram point 9’s can become so used to flexing to the desires of others to avoid a potential disagreement that they sometimes even lose connection to their own desires. Over time they can start to habitually respond to the preferences of others without first checking in as to what they prefer.

The point 9’s helpful, others-oriented stance comes from a deep longing for ease and comfort in their environment. Nines often have a preference for predictable situations and when stressed may seek to numb out with things that can relax their nervous system like food, video games, television, alcohol, cannabis, or even work. What the fixated 9 is looking for is some activity that takes them away from whatever is triggering their dis-ease.

Point 9’s live at the center of the body or instinctual center, so despite their easy stance, they are also one of the strongest and most stubborn points of the Enneagram. While it may take someone that fixates at point nine awhile to come into connection with their truth, once they make a decision they take their position with the unwavering energy of a mountain.

At lower levels of health the Enneagram 9 may not even perceive their anger and can have trouble motivating themselves to do whatever has to be done. By pulling in the red essential strength of point 8, the point 9 structure is able to take action with grounded intensity and presence, embodying the quality we call “right effort”.

We all have the point 9 energy inside of ourselves. What important element in your life are you ignoring or potentially “asleep” to right now? What is your relationship to agreement and mediation? Do you have trouble seeing another’s perspective or are you able to “go with the flow” knowing that our challenges and preferences often don’t need to be navigated with the intensity and inflexibility we are experiencing?


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